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Steve Sommers LMFT LMT


Suzan Sommers LMT

Co-owners of Body Perspectives

CLASSES for Massage Therapy Training, or Professional Continuing Education:

FORM # 1: a Health Form for Professional Bodywork, Integrative Massage, or Bodymind and Somatic therapies for your first session with Steve Sommers LMFT LMT or Suzan Sommers LMT.

General Map for

Body Perspectives

2525C Lebanon Pike

Suite 203

Nashville TN 37214

To view, browse, or purchase artwork by Suzan Sommers or Steve Sommers, click one of the following:

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us:

Steve and Suz recommend the Experiencial Healing Center's Healing Intensives and are on staff for various intensives throughout the year:

Click here to link to the Jin Shin Do® Foundations website

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